Raising the level of knowledge and performance for Cancer Registrars through continuing education


In 1979, the Virginia Tumor Registrars Association was created. The purpose of the Association was to organize a group of Cancer Registrars who compiled diagnostic and treatment information for cancer patients in the State of Virginia. Beginning in 1986, the Association offered two educational conferences per year. From 1986 to 1997, these conferences were held in Richmond, Virginia in both the Spring and the Fall. Additionally, the Virginia Cancer Registry (VCR) held workshops throughout the year. In 2016, the Association celebrates its 30th annual education conference. In 1995, the organization formally changed its name to the Virginia Cancer Registrars Association (VCRA). Since that time, the VCRA has grown from a handful of members to over 100 members and associates from around the state.


The Virginia Cancer Registrars Association (VCRA) is a non-profit consortium of professional members dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients by collecting standardized data from health care settings to assist with the measurement of cancer quality. We disseminate information to members of the Association regarding current activities, research, and trends in the cancer field, and host the annual VCRA Conference, providing Cancer Registrars the ability to network amongst their peers and educate Registrars through dynamic speakers.


To promote research and education by raising the level of knowledge and performance of Cancer Registrars through continuing education.