Raising the level of knowledge and performance for Cancer Registrars through continuing education


The Virginia Cancer Registrars Association (VCRA) is driven by its members who volunteer their time to ensure we are a success.

Our current Standing Committees are: Education Committee, Nominating Committee, Bylaws Committee, Website Committee

Eligibility: You must be an Active Member to be eligible to chair a committee. (VCRA Bylaws, Article III, Section 1A). You must also be an Active Member in good standing for six (6) full months prior to being eligible for appointment as a Committee Chair (VCRA Bylaws, Article VI, Section II).

Associate Members may not chair a committee but may serve on a committee (VCRA Bylaws, Article III, Section 1B).

We would love to see your talents used to better our Association! Click here for more information from our Committee Coordinator!